Don't forget your body butter

Aisha, an accountant who works full time has turned her kitchen into a virtual lab, creating a line of organic and natural soaps, balms, lotions and body butters. A Brooklyn native who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, Aisha spends most of her late nights and weekends creating products into the wee hours of the morning. In October 2016 Aisha took a leap of faith and decided to go full launch with her products.  Armed with support from family Chloe and Chad was officially launched. 

It all began in 2010 as Aisha watched as her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer on two separate occasions.  Having made the decision to have double mastectomies, Sherry was still pretty down.  During this time Aisha also had her first child Chloe and began experimenting with natural soaps, and lotions that were safe for both her sister and daughter.

Then in September 2014 Aisha had her son Chad who had severe eczema, again Aisha was in full production mode making organic products to calm her sons’ eczema, as everything prescribed by doctors didn’t seem to work. This time around Aisha was determined to be consistent with her butters, as her family and friends were often requesting her creations.