The Art of Aging

One of our main ingredients, coconut

One of our main ingredients, coconut


Chloe and Chad is an organic and natural lifestyle company creating safe and uncommon artisanal handmade goods for the whole family. Our skincare line is being formulated in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest and most effective formulations. Nothing is premade except for soaps, which need to time to cure. Our products are created on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, if an order is placed on Monday it will be created on Tuesday and shipped on Tuesday. Our ingredients are organic and all natural!

Chloe and Chad creates organic and natural products for your skin and home.We started in our Brooklyn apartment in 2010 creating organic products for family and friends.Over the years the ingredients have been refined and we are proud to bring you our creations, which are created by  hand in small batches.


Earth-Friendly Practices

We use ethically sourced products where possible. We also use recyclable packaging, because we believe in protecting our environment.


Stellar Products

We source our ingredients from the best sources and will never compromise on our standards, if it's not good for your health it won't be in our products.

Giving Back

We believe that giving back is a key proponent to any successful community.